As you drive, you may start to notice potholes on some of the roads this spring. If you hit a pothole, it can do damage to your vehicle. When you hit a pothole, it is important to make sure that you have the vehicle properly inspected. Doing so will help to notice if there is any damage to the vehicle that needs repairing. The most common thing that is affected are the tires and the rims of your vehicle. These can become damaged easily when you hit a pothole. If you hit a pothole too fast, you can increase the chance of the tire blowing.

Damage to the Tires

Hitting a pothole could not only damage the tires, it could also damage or break the suspension of your vehicle. When you hit one, especially at a faster speed, the suspension can be jostled about. Depending how deep the pothole is, it might scrape the undercarriage of your vehicle as well. If you hit a pothole and you hear odd noises from your vehicle after that, make sure to contact us. The noise could mean that the suspension has become damaged, or a part has become loose on your vehicle. If you ignore the noise, it can become worse. This will end up costing you more in repair bills when it is finally fixed. So always make sure to notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle.

The tires should also be looked at after hitting a pothole or curb when you drive. Even if you hit them slightly, it may end up causing a bulge in the sidewall of the tire. This can increase the risk of having the tire blow when you least expect it to. So it is always best to have the vehicle looked at by us.