Make sure to know when to operate the lights on your vehicle when you drive. When driving, very few people realize that there are multiple ways to use car headlights. Since most people spend their commuting hours in the daytime, they do not focus too much on headlights and the various car lights that they can use. However, the upcoming winter season is set to shorten the daytime, and there are chances that you will be driving in the dark much more often.

Driving in the dark is vastly different than driving in the daytime. Night-time driving means that you not only have to cope with other cars on the road, but you also have to deal with the lack of visibility, especially along paths that are devoid of any street light.

In this instance, your knowledge of headlights will pay dividends, and knowing how to operate them to their full potential will reduce the risk of injuries.

Car light Options

Most cars come with many different light options. However, some prove to be more critical in the face of foggy, snowy conditions. Below are some car lights that you must use when driving across dark alleyways and roads.

When to Operate Daytime Lights

All modern cars that have been manufactured since 2011 come with daytime running lamps. This option, fitted inside the headlight, is one that people frequently use during the winter season. Since most days of winter are cloudy and dark, with only a slight speck of light, daytime lamps become one of the best options.

This is because winter days are too bright for the main beam and too dark for no lamps at all. Therefore, the daytime lamps provide enough light to make the car visible to oncoming drivers and on-looking pedestrians.

Operate Fog Lights

Fog lights are located slightly beneath the main headlights, and they offer drivers a boost of additional light in foggy conditions.

This boost is crucial in conditions when the fog percentage is at its highest and you still have a long distance to cover on the road. Nonetheless, drivers must use this light responsibly as the high beam can also blind other drivers on the road.

Automatic Headlamps Feature

People rarely use this feature; however, putting on the automatic headlight feature can prove integral in avoiding risks when driving in the winters. This option makes the car automatically turn on the main beam as it senses transition from day to night.

Since this transition happens quicker during the winters, people often forget to turn their headlights on and do not realize that they are putting themselves and others at risk. This is why this car light option is important. Make sure to utilize the car headlights effectively and efficiently. This will involve making sure that you do not blind others on the road.