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cooling system Repair

When is Service or Repair Necessary?

  • Whenever you notice any leaks or issues in performance.
  • Your cooling system should be inspected annually to insure that your engine operates within proper temperature ranges.

Typical Components:

  • Pressure Cap
  • Radiator
  • Transmission Cooler
  • Water Pump
  • Fan
  • Thermostat
  • Reservoir Tank
  • Heater Core
  • Rubber Hoses

Signs of Overheating:

  • The temperature gauge. If you notice your engine is running hotter than normal, it’s time for an inspection.
  • Check to see if any green, orange, or yellow fluid is leaking from under your vehicle. If it is you are probably losing coolant and should get it inspected.
  • Squealing noise when engine RPM increases. This could mean a loose belt which would cause poor circulation of the water pump.

What Do We Inspect?

  • Radiator for leaks and debris clogging the fins which reduces cooling performance.
  • Coolant for protection level and contamination.
  • Pressure test radiator cap.
  • Cooling fan operation.
  • Fan clutch (if equipped).
  • All belts for cracks and deterioration.
  • All hoses for leaks, softness or bulging, indicating deterioration from the inside out.
  • Check for leaks at thermostat housing, intake manifold, engine heads and freeze plugs.
  • Water pump for leaks.
  • Reservoir tank for leaks.
  • Heater Core for leaks.

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