There is a very obvious reason why people would consider steeling catalytic converters. When you look into the cases entailing catalytic converter thefts, you will find that this is a growing trend that is troubling car owners all across the nation.

Up until now, the cases of catalytic converter theft are up by 500 percent. This massive increase in criminal behavior may sound surprising, but considering the unemployment rate and economy, paired with the growing scrap value of catalytic converters, it only makes sense.

Few Reports

In Orangeburg, South Carolina, a thief stole a total of 17 converters at a Toyota Dealership. Similarly, in Missouri, someone went on a converter spree, and stole twenty catalytic converter in Lawrence County alone. These are just two incidents out of the many that Police Departments have to deal with.

Catalytic Converters?

The name catalytic converter has a catalyst within its vessel that converts harmful gasses to something that is much less harmful. People often need to replace their converters when it becomes clogged from burnt oil or coolant, or damaged due to rapid change in temperature. Another common reason why you may need to replace your converter is theft.

For the catalytic converter to function optimally, it needs the help of expensive metals such as Rhodium, Platinum, and Palladium. These metals act as the catalysts inside the converters. A catalyst refers to a substance that increases the rate of speed of a particular chemical reaction, without intervening the reaction.

These metals are inside converters in the form of two honey comb layers. This gives them maximum surface area, and they are also at temperatures nearing 400 degrees to increase efficiency. Their job is to convert carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydro carbons and other pollutants into carbon dioxide oxygen and other gasses that are not nearly as bad for the environment.

Overall, it turns bad gasses that you car produces from combustion into not that bad gasses for the health of the environment. So why are the cases of catalytic converters increased about ten times from 2018 to 2020?

Why Catalytic Converters?

According to a price chart, the price of rhodium has skyrocketed. In 2018, it cost you 1800 dollars to buy an ounce of Rhodium. Today, the same ounce can go up to 2000 dollars in value. This insane price hike is the fundamental driving force behind the increase in catalytic converter theft.

One typical catalytic converter contains a few grams of rhodium, along with other pricey metals such as Palladium and Platinum. These metals can be used in jewelry, construction and many other applications. All of these metals in different ratios cost a huge sum, making catalytic converters a high-prized target for thieves.

There is literally gold underneath your car, and you must be watchful in the current times. Make sure that your car is insured, parked in a safe spot, and away from mischievous offenders looking to make a quick buck.