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Driving on Winter Roads

Driving on Winter Roads

With winter weather, you will notice that the conditions can change in an instant. By making sure that you are aware of what the weather might be, you can help be prepared on how to drive on the roads. Make sure to check the weather and road conditions before you drive. Doing so will help you to know to slow down, and be carefully when driving on winter roads. If the temperatures are right around freezing, you will want to be aware of the chance of freezing rain. This may look like it is not freezing, until it makes contact with the surface of the road.

Always make sure to check the windshield and windshield wipers of the vehicle. The windshield should be cleared off of any snow or ice. If you leave it partially covered, it will only get worse as you drive in poor weather. Clearing the windshield will also help you to have the best visibility possible. This allows you to see everyone around you as you drive. You will want to also clear off the rear window, along with all the side windows. Check the wipers should also be done at the same time. Make sure they are able to move and not frozen to the windshield. If they are frozen to the windshield and you operate them, the motor could burn out. Make sure if it is snowing, to turn the wipers on so they can clear the windshield.

Turn on the Lights

When you are operating the windshield wipers, make sure to turn on the lights for the vehicle. This will help others see you better if the road is less than ideal. Regularly check the headlights and taillights of the vehicle so you can be sure they are able to illuminate. Also take a few extra seconds to check the blinkers as well. If you notice an issue with the lights, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can so we can replace them.

How Winter Affects your Vehicle

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Driving in the Winter

Winter driving sometimes a challenge. When you drive, remember that speed limits are meant for dry roads, not roads covered in snow and ice. You should reduce your speed and increase your following distance as road conditions and visibility worsen. Avoid using cruise control in snowy or icy conditions, you want as much control of…Continue Reading

Regular Inspections for the Windshield Wipers

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Improving the Visibility when you Drive

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Issues with the Transmission

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