winterA winter safety kit is important. Having a winter emergency kit in your car is not just a recommendation, but a necessity. Include common items such as shovels, scrapers and flares, if it important to add winter-specific items to your emergency kit.

Keep in mind that winter imparts a different set of challenges when you are driving. This means that you are likely to end up in threatening situations that include blizzards, storms and icy surfaces. Below are items that can be essential when stuck in a winter road-side emergency.

Winter Safety Kit and Folding shovel

These things are fairly affordable and since they turn to a compacted size, they do not take too much space as well. If you ever get caught in a situation that requires you to dig up large volumes of snow so you can escape, this tool will help you do the job much better and faster than using your hands. This can quickly cause problems if you do not have waterproof gear on.


Your emergency kit should already have a flashlight. However, adding a headlamp into the mix can be incredibly beneficial. This is because you may need to work on the engine if your car shuts off. For this, you may need to use both your hands. If you do not have someone to hold the flashlight for you, then a headlamp will work wonders.

Hand warmers for your Winter Safety Kit

Considering that your gas situation is not good, you may not be able to rely on the car’s heater for a long time. Hand warmer will allow you to make up for the time you spend in the freezing cold without the heater. Not to mention, if you are stuck in the snow for a long time and rely on the heater, you could face a fatal exposure to carbon monoxide gas if your tail-pipe does not have good ventilation. These items can be put in pockets, shoes and you can also hold them in your hand.


Similar to hand-warmers, having extra blankets can also be another good item to have if you are stuck inside the car without a heater. Whether you need to turn your car off, or you need an extra layer before getting off the car, a blanket can help you in multiple different ways. It not only helps you stay warm, but also any passengers that are travelling with you on the back seat.

Road Salt

If you get your car stuck in snow or ice, then having a bucket of road salt can be your saving grace. Road salt consists of material that increases the speed of melting. This helps you rapidly melt the ice that you are stuck in. It also helps you melt the ice on the road so that your car has good traction. Therefore, road salt can come in handy in many occurrences and emergencies.

As you can see, simple tools and equipment can enhance your already-existing safety kit and make it standardized for winter emergencies.