Noise that happens as your brake

When a noise occurs from the vehicle, it can mean there is an issue. If noises come from the brakes, then not only is there an issue, but your safety decreases as well. The brakes are important to help improve the safety if a car stops suddenly, or something crosses the road. You will always want to make sure the brakes are in the most ideal condition for your vehicle. Following regular maintenance for the brake system can help the longevity of it as well. We can advise you when these maintenance tasks should be done, or you can check in the owners manual for the vehicle.

Grinding Noise

If you apply the brakes and there is a grinding noise, make sure to notice if it is when you are just braking, or if it is all the time. The brake pads and brake rotors can start to wear and cause metal to metal contact. This will result in the grinding noise you might hear. There is also a chance that there is some small object that is stuck in the caliper. When this happens, you will hear the grinding noise almost constantly. Sometimes the grinding noise can stop if the object is dislodged. If it continues, make sure that you schedule an appointment with us so we can inspect it for you.

Other Noises

An odd rattle noise can also occur from the brakes. This can also sound like a clinking or clunking noise over time. The most common reason is an issue with the brake pad. If the noise is constant, it can mean they will need to be replaced soon. When the noise happens consistently, you will want to make sure there is enough brake pad to safely drive your vehicle. With a proper inspection, we can help determine if the brake pads are still able to operate, or if new ones are needed.