Purchasing a vehicle will be one of the largest investments you make. It is then important to keep this investment in the best condition possible. One of the best ways to keep the vehicle in great condition is make sure it is maintained on a regular basis. This can help prevent further issues from forming on the vehicle. If you notice an issue at the first sign, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible. This can help prevent a costly repair bill in the long run. The issue could be something cheap and simple like a tire rotation. It may also indicate that other parts are starting to wear. This can help keep your vehicle reliable and safe for when you drive. If you notice that the vehicle shakes or vibrates, bring the vehicle in. We can inspect it to make sure it runs efficiently and safely.


Problems with the Engine

If you notice an issue with the vehicle vibrating, it could mean one of several things. It could be caused from the engine. This is usually if the engine is not getting enough air or fuel that is needs in order to run smoothly. Another way to notice if it is the engine is if the vehicle goes a specific distance, and then will start to shake.

Issues with the Axles

If an axle gets bent, it will start to create a jostle vibration during the drive. The vibrating will then pick up the faster you drive. Another related issue could be a problem with the driveshaft. This spinning part will transfer engine power to the rear axles on a vehicle. If it is bent, the vibration will be noticed.

Problems with the Brake system

Another issue that might cause vibrations is any problems with the brakes. A warped brake rotor can lead to vibrations through the vehicle. The brake rotor is an important part of the brake system. Over time, the brake rotor can get bent and misaligned. This is caused by heavy wear and tear. It is a result from overheating to the part. If the brake rotor has an issue, chances are the brake pads will also need to be replaced.

Make sure to inspect the Wheels

The wheels may also cause an issue with vibrating. This can be noticed through the steering wheel as well. This shaky feeling may be caused by poor wheel bearings. If the vehicle goes through non-typical wear and tear, it will cause the wheel bearings to wear out much sooner than they should. Another issue could be the tie-rod ends or ball joints on the vehicle. This is most noticeable at certain driving speeds.

Issues with the Tires

The tires can also be the source of vibrations. At certain speeds, the vehicle may start to vibrate. This could be the result of poor tires. Make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. We can even advise you if the tires need to be aligned, rotated, balanced, or replaced. This can help to ensure a safe and comfortable ride when you drive.