When you are driving, you will want your vehicle to be in the best condition possible. The most important thing you can do to accomplish this is to go to regular maintenances for your vehicle. The battery is important because it is what provides the power to the rest of the vehicle. Without the battery, you will not be able to start your vehicle. If you start to notice an issue with how the vehicle starts, make sure to bring it in as soon as possible. Over time, the battery performance will start to decrease with age. Try to get the most out of your battery by combining small trips into one large trip. If you make lot of short trips, the battery does not fully recharge each time. The battery can also be strained if your vehicle is in storage or inactive for long periods of time. In extreme cold temperatures, you may notice that the vehicle becomes difficult to start. This is because the cold will interfere with it powering your vehicle to start.


Terminals that are Corroded

Check the terminals on the battery to ensure they are not corroded. Acid inside can corrode the battery terminals. If it is ignored, it can affect the performance of the battery. Badly corroded terminals may require the battery to be replaced. If left ignored, the battery will start to fail to start the vehicle when you need it.

The Battery Terminals are Loose

When you checking for corrosion, also check the strength of connection. If the battery terminals are loose, it cannot fully provide power to the vehicle. Vibrations from driving can cause the connections to loosen. These should be tightened or reconnected so the proper amount of power can travel through the battery.

Inspect the Battery for Leaks

You may notice you have a leak in the battery. If you notice any stains from the battery, make sure to bring it in. we can inspect the battery and strength of connection for you. If needed, we can recommend what type of battery would be the best for you vehicle. This way it can be reliable when you will need to drive.

Any Odd Smells from the Vehicle

Be aware of any odd smells you notice while driving. If you smell rotten eggs, the battery may be overheating. Make sure to bring your vehicle in before a much larger issue occurs. If the battery overheats, you will not be able to start or operate the vehicle effectively. This can result in a vehicle that is unreliable. Any smell you notice from the vehicle should be brought to our attention so we can have the part repaired or replaced for the vehicle.

Test the Battery

When you bring your vehicle in, we can test the battery to see the current condition. This can help to make sure the battery will be able to start and operate your vehicle when you are driving to your destination. It will also make for a safe and reliable ride.