air conditioner

Checking the air conditioner is important if you want to stay cool and comfortable this summer.  In the muggy summer months there is really no replacement for it because opening windows only brings in more of the muggy air.  The funny thing is that you only realize how important a functional A/C unit it is when it stops working.

Check the Refrigerant

The refrigerant is a mixture of coolant and water that is spread throughout the car when the engine is started.  A refrigerant breakdown means that the liquid will have seeped out of where it should be kept. It will begin damaging the compressor and other parts of the car.  The compressor really is where all the damage emerges from. Quickly particles of metal will spread through the air conditioning system and cause damage to various parts of the vehicle. It will block the proper transference of the refrigerant.

Air Conditioner air flow

Notice if the vehicle has weak airflow.  The air might be cool, but it’s so weak that it makes almost no difference.  There are a few reasons why the airflow is so weak.  The first option is that mildew has built up in the evaporator that prevents thorough air flow.  A second potential option is a loose hose.  Usually this happens to the blower hose that is responsible for supplying air to the blower unit.  A third option is a damaged or broken ventilation fan. There could also be broken seals that would otherwise keep the air pressure strong.

Lack of Cold Air

A lack of cold air is most likely cause of this is failed compressor or damaged condenser.  In some cases, vacuum leaks have developed that bring moisture into parts of the car that should never be exposed to the elements.  This can cause serious and costly damage. The gradual decrease in the gradual decrease in cold air should be attended to immediately.  If you notice an issue with your vehicle or air conditioner, bring it in. Proper maintenance and inspects will keep your vehicle operating efficiently when you drive.