check-engine-light-2When your vehicle or any of the equipment has been recalled, it can make you feel worried and confused. Hearing there could be a potential safety issue with the vehicle you drive every day can be cause for concern. But, knowing what to do if your vehicle is recalled is the first step toward feeling at ease again. Make sure to bring the vehicle in, and we can check the recall and vehicle for you to ensure it is working properly. This will increase the efficiency and reliability when you drive.

What is a Recall?

Last year there were almost twenty two million vehicle safety recalls. A recall is when a product has a possible defect or is in noncompliance of a federal safety standard and the manufacturer has to remedy the problem for its customers. Recalls can be ordered independently by the manufacturer or the NHTSA and require the filing of a public report that includes information. This can include details of the vehicle and equipment, description of the issue, explanation of the remedy, and recall schedule. After the recall has been reported and filed, the manufacturers will send a notice to those that have a vehicle or parts that are being recalled. If you think your vehicle may have a recall, there are several websites you can check. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can check for you.

What the Recall could Include

Normal wear and tear and issues that arise because of an aging vehicle are not covered under recalls. Generally only defects that present a safety threat will trigger a recall. Such defects can include, but are not limited to things such as defective windshield wipers, malfunctioning transmission or steering, leaky fuel systems, airbag issues, or broken seat belts.

What you should do if there is a Recall

Once you find out the recall applies to your vehicle or parts, getting it fixed should be a priority. If you had already received repairs for a problem that is recalled, you may also be able to get refunded for the cost of service. Getting notified of the safety recall usually means the manufacturer has a solution available, which often includes getting it repaired, replaced, and refunded. If there are no comparable replacements available for the recall, the manufacturer will send a refund for the product and the current value. In some cases when there is a large recall, there may be a wait on a part and you may not get the problem fixed right away. No matter what the possible issue, if you think your vehicle is part of a safety recall, it is a good idea to confirm and find out what your options are right away. The recall may simply be a precaution, but it may require immediate action. You can also bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you. We can then alert you to if a part has been recalled and will need to be replaced.