A cabin filter can be one of the most easily forgotten parts of your vehicle. The filter is designed to filter the air that is released into the heating and cooling system of the vehicle. It can also trap dust, pollen, and any other particles. This will also help prevent them from entering the cabin of the vehicle. By bringing the vehicle in on a regular basis, we can help to ensure the cabin filter is in the best condition possible. The engine air filter and cabin filter will become dirty over time, so having them inspected and replaced is important. If they are excessively contaminated, then they should be changed more frequently.

Cabin filter issues

You may start to notice issues by several things. The first would be any poor air flow coming from the vents. When the filter is contaminated, it will not be able to filter out the air from the dirt. Having a clean filter will result in proper air flow. If the filter is blocked or covered, you will notice less air coming from the vents. This is because there is less force to have the air blow as well. In time, this will start to put extra strain and stress on the air conditioner motor.

Another sign of a poor cabin filter is any odd or unusual odors coming from the vents of the vehicle. This can be a smell of dirt, dust, musty, or even mildew type smell that you notice. It will also be more noticeable when you turn the air on. Depending on the odor, this may be difficult to breath or unpleasant for you and the passengers of your vehicle. If you notice this, call us to make an appointment for your vehicle. That way we can inspect it for you to ensure the cabin filter is in the best condition. It will also help to keep the cabin of the vehicle comfortable for everyone as well.