Since 1975, catalytic converters are mandatory for all cars, and they are installed in the exhaust system to keep the harmful fumes from the car’s engine from getting released in the atmosphere. Sadly, catalytic converters are the biggest target for car thieves nowadays. They are also very easy to remove from cars. Let’s have a look at why catalytic converter theft is so common and how you can tackle it.

Why are Catalytic Converters Stolen?

One of the major reason why catalytic converters are being stolen is because they are quite expensive. This is due to the presence of precious metals inside them. This includes metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These metals aid in converting harmful gases into harmless gases that can be released into the air.

Since new catalytic converters are incredibly expensive, people turn towards second-hand devices, which are supplied by thieves who steal them from cars and sell them for thousands of dollars. Moreover, stealing catalytic converters is very easy and requires only a minute or two. Normally, thieves undo the bolts to the converter and remove it from between the pipes. Since it is a small cylindrical device, it can be easily hidden and taken away without anyone noticing.

How to Tackle Catalytic Converter Theft?

Since catalytic converter theft has become a huge problem, peoples are coming up with various ideas to tackle the issue. Car manufacturers are also trying to come up with security devices or locks that will prevent thieves from removing the converter. Also looking into car alarms that go off whenever someone disconnects the device.

As a concerned car owner, you can also take a couple of precautionary measures that can prevent the theft of the catalytic converter. One of the most common method is to buy and install a cable locking device. Install it around the converter, so that it stays fixed in place. Moreover, you can also buy a protective casing or cage that can be welded or installed around the catalytic converter.

Nowadays, people are engraving their vehicle identification numbers (VIN) on catalytic converters. They are also tagging them with fluorescent paint. This way, it becomes impossible for thieves to sell off the converters. This is because dealers know that these have been stolen and they can get into trouble with the police. This only takes a few minutes, but it will protect your catalytic converter to a greater extent.

Last but not least, you should also park your car in well-lit and populated spaces, so that thieves can’t slide under the car without being noticed. Also, make sure to keep your car parked in the garage with the door closed, giving no chance for thieves to get access to it.

This is all you need to know about tackling catalytic converter theft. Make sure to get in touch with your mechanic and find out if the make and model of your car is a common target for thieves. You can take the aforementioned measures to prevent catalytic converter theft.