Remember to check the fluids of your vehicle on a regular basis. Each time you check them, you can see if they are the right color and filled up enough. If the fluid level is low, you can end up doing significant damage to your vehicle in the long run. When you have a bumper to bumper inspection done, we can check the fluids of the vehicle. This way, we can notice if any should be changed or flushed for the vehicle. If you are planning a vacation or getaway, also remember to check the fluids before leaving. This will help improve the reliability of the vehicle when you drive.

Check the washer Fluid

One common fluid that is forgot about is the washer fluid. This is what you need in order to clean and clear the windshield, and the rear windshield as well. If you do not have it filled properly, when you run the wipers it will smear it. This will make for poor visibility when you drive. When there is anything on the windshield that will impair the view as you drive, you run the risk of an accident. Having the washer fluid allows you to clear it away quickly and efficiently without problems.


Remember to notice any issues of the vehicle as well. If the brakes are not responding as well as they used to, contact us. That could mean the brakes are wearing out, or brake fluid is needed. Without brake fluid for the vehicle, the brakes will be soft and will not respond as quickly as they otherwise should. If there is a leak in any of the hoses, a fluid can become low. You can also notice this by looking under your vehicle after it has been parked for a length of time. If you do see a large puddle, schedule an appointment with us.