Make sure to clear all the windows of your vehicle before you drive. This will help you to have the best visibility possible. Take extra time to ensure that you scrape the entire windshield, and not just a small area you can see out of. This way you can help to ensure you see the entire road ahead of you and not a small section. You will also want to scrape the side windows of the vehicle. Doing so will help you to see traffic coming in either direction. You will reduce the chance of pulling out in front of someone. Always remember to scrape the rear window of your vehicle. This will allow you to see traffic behind you as well.

Clear the windshield

In the winter, allow extra time so that you can start your vehicle. You will want to allow it to run for several minutes to warm up. As you start the vehicle, make sure to turn on the defrost. This will help to warm up the vehicle, as well as the windshield. When you scrape the windshield, you will notice that the ice, snow, or frost will be easier to remove. If your vehicle has rear defrost, you should turn that on as well. If you ever notice an issue with how the defrost is operating, make sure to contact us. We can schedule an appointment so your vehicle can be properly inspected.


When the vehicle warms up, the fluids will warm up as well. The oil will warm up so it can properly lubricate the engine. As the vehicle warms up, it will be able to be more efficient when driving this winter. Driving the vehicle when it has not had a chance to warm up can increase the chance of damage to happen to it. If you hit a snowdrift or bump, you could cause damage to the vehicle. So always make sure to take some extra time to start your vehicle before you drive.