Clearing the windshield in the morning is important. A fairly common occurrence in the winter is to discover that a car that you parked out on the street, in a parking lot or in a driveway is now covered with ice and/or snow. It is extremely important for drivers to properly clear their cars of ice and snow before taking to the roads. Driving while there is still ice or snow on the windshield, hood or roof of your vehicle is an incredibly risky when driving.

Improving your visibility

Not properly clearing snow and ice from the windshield before driving is dangerous. This is because uncleared snow or ice can greatly reduce the field of vision of a driver. Paying proper attention to what is going on around one’s vehicle is essential to safe driving. It is pretty much impossible to do with a limited field of vision. If the windows become poor with snow or ice, pull over. You will want to scrape the snow and ice off your window before continuing.

Remember the hood and roof

Failing to properly clear ice and snow from the roof and hood of one’s vehicle is dangerous for a different reason. When a car that is traveling on a road has uncleared ice and snow on it be careful. This is because snow and ice sometimes flies off of the vehicle as the vehicle is going along. This can temporarily reduce visibility for other drivers. It can sometimes result in other vehicles getting hit by chunks of ice or snow. Also when you drive, be aware of vehicles ahead of you. If you start to notice ice and snow flying off of them, be careful. It is best to slow down and give them enough space ahead of you so that you do not get hit with debris. Not only can it reduce visibility, but if a hard chunk of ice or snow falls off, it could break your windshield. By taking proper safety precautions in the winter, you can help to stay safe when you drive.