You may notice each dashboard warning lights as you turn on the vehicle. These lights will generally turn off after a few seconds. If a light stays on, then you should take notice and be aware of what the issue is. Since this could be a variety of reasons why one lights up, make sure you know what light it is, and when it happened. If the light begins to blink, then the issue could be even more severe for your vehicle. No matter if the light has just turned on, or has been on for a few days, bring the vehicle in. It is important to have it inspected as soon as possible for any source of an issue with it. You may also notice that the light appears on sometimes, and otherwise it is off. There could be a short in the electrical system as well.

Dashboard Lights

One warning light to be aware of is the ABS warning light. This can mean an issue with the antilock braking system or the brakes in general. You should be aware if the brake pedal has become too soft or too hard to apply. This can be one of the first indications that the brakes are not as efficient as they should be. It may also mean that the brake fluid levels are low on the vehicle as well. We can check the fluid and hoses of the vehicle to see if there is a leak anywhere. Another problem you may notice is if the brakes do not the vehicle as well as they used to. The vehicle may also pull in one direction or the other when applying the brakes. It is always recommended to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.