When defrosting the windshield, there are some tips to help it go faster. You will want to make sure that the air in y our vehicle does not hold a lot of moisture. By removing moisture from the air, it will be less likely that the windows fog up. You can help speed it up by following some things. Making sure that you can see out of your windshield and windows is important. If you cannot see properly, then it increase the chance for an accident to happen. You will also want to remember to clear the back windows of the vehicle so you have proper visibility all around you.

Defrosting the Windows

To help speed up the time of defrosting the windows, make sure to turn the heat on. Turn the heater all the way up to help warm up the vehicle quickly. This will also help to absorb any excess moisture that is within your vehicle. If you need to help dry the air faster, turn on the air conditioner of the vehicle. This will help remove moisture as well. You can also crack the windows slightly in your vehicle. This will help exchange any humid air with dryer air from outside. It also speeds up the process of providing proper visibility.

Fog inside

Always remember to notice when the vehicle might be starting to fog up inside it. You will want to be proactive and try to reduce the chance of this happening. If you ignore it, it will continue to get worse. The end result is that you will not be able to see out of your vehicle, and it decreases the safety. If the heater or defrost is not working properly, make sure to schedule an appointment so you can bring the vehicle in to be inspected as soon as possible. Doing so will help your drive this winter.