Remember kids and pets that might be in the back seat of your vehicle. As the summer kicks off, the daily routine or schedule may change. Kids might need to be dropped off at daycare while you are on the way to work. Summer also means that outdoor activities pick up, which also means more cars on the road and traffic. If you have to stop and run into a store quick, make sure to not leave your children or pets in the vehicle. On an average 85 degree day, the interior can heat up to over 100 degrees. This will also happen within ten minutes. Sometimes the temperatures can reach well over 170 degrees, especially if it is over 100 degrees outside.


As the sunrays come through the windows of your vehicle, they not only will warm up the car, but the heat becomes trapped. The windows act as an insulator so that the temperature rises, without cooling down. The dashboard and steering wheel will also become hot to the touch. If you have leather seats, you have probably notice how hot they get as you get in to sit down. With the vehicle closed up, there is no air circulation in it. Even cracking the windows some will not allow enough air circulation to cool the vehicle properly. If the vehicle is parked in the shade, it will still become hot, but it might take a few minutes longer.

Remember Children can’t handle heat as well

If kids are left in a car that is heated up, they are at higher risk for heatstroke. This can be deadly if they are left in the vehicle too long. Some vehicles are equipped with a feature that will alert the driver for anything in the backseat. It can sense a difference in weight, and will send a notification so you can look in the back of the vehicle. It is also a good habit to get into to check the backseat before going into a store or work.