When you drive in the winter, there are several things to remember. Based on the temperature, weather, and road conditions, you may need to change your driving habits. Sometimes this will need to be done quickly. You may leave your home and the roads are fine, but they might be slick a few miles later. Before you travel, make sure you check the weather and road conditions for your route you are taking. This will help you to be aware of what type of conditions you might be driving into. You can make sure that you will need to drive slow on slippery or slick roads.

Proper Space

Allow enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you. This way if you need to slam on the brakes or slow down quickly, you can do so without worrying about hitting the vehicle in front of you. Also, when you leave enough space, you can see the road ahead of you. Sometimes watching other drivers can help you determine what the road conditions are. If a line of vehicles swerve at about the same spot, there might be something on the road ahead.


Also remember to turn on the headlights. If you are not sure if you should turn them on, it is always best to do so, just incase. If it is near dusk or you are using the windshield wipers, turn on the headlights. Some vehicles will automatically turn on the lights for you. Make sure you do not drive with the brights or high beams on. This can impair or temporary blind a driver that is in front of you, or driving on a two-lane road. You should test the lights on your vehicle to ensure that they are aimed properly, and that one is not burned out.