Winter means frozen doors may happen to your vehicle. You will want to try and open the door carefully, so you do not do any further damage to it. Make sure to be aware of how the door handle is. If it is frozen shut, gently try and loosen the handle. If it is frozen and you pull too hard on it, you could break it. After the handle is free of ice, then you will want to gently pull it to open the door. If the door is still frozen, then you can start to work at loosening that as well. You will want to be carefully with pull that as well, so you do not damage the door.

Frozen Doors for the car

By pushing gently and pulling back and forth, you will be able loosen the grip the door frame has with the vehicle. You may have to hit slightly with your fist to loosen up the grip as well. Another tip is that you can place your fingers along the edge of the frame and help pry it open as well. This extra force will help to get the door opened as well.


You can use a de-icer that can help unlock and locks, doors, or anything that may be frozen shut. After this is applied, wait a few minutes, then try opening the door again. Never pull with full force or yank the door, as this can lead to it breaking and having damage done to it. If the driver’s door is frozen shut, then try the other door or doors of the vehicle. Sometimes, one of those may be easier to open. If one of those opens, then you can try to open the driver’s door from the inside. Sometimes that extra push from the inside will help on loosening the door as well.