Having the best fuel efficiency will help the longevity of the vehicle, as well as saving money at the pumps. If the fuel efficiency is becoming worse, make sure to contact us for an appointment. We can inspect the vehicle and check bumper to bumper for any issues. There are several reasons why the fuel mileage may no longer be efficient. One reason can be caused by the wrong kind of motor oil for the vehicle. The engine of the vehicle is designed to work with a certain type of oil, so using the wrong one can cause issues. It can cause too much friction and cause the engine to burn more fuel as it works harder. Checking the owner’s manual will advise you on the recommended oil for the vehicle.

Check the Fuel Cap

Another thing to check is the gas cap of the fuel tank. If the vehicle is starting to get poor mileage suddenly, but it could be as simple as tightening the gas cap. With age, the gas cap seal will start to break down. This will allow oxygen to get into the fuel tank. With the overabundance of air entering the engine, it will start to burn more gas as it pulls in the fuel. Make sure the gas cap is tight, or otherwise replacing it is another option. This is a simple and expensive task, and it will result in a tight seal for your tank.


While driving, you may notice roads with potholes and construction. Cottage Grove and Maplewood are no different. With road conditions always changing, the tires take a beating. Make sure that they are checked regularly for tread wear. If the tread is low, new tires will be needed. Also make sure to check the air pressure of each tire and spare. Even a few pounds low will cause poor fuel mileage for the vehicle.