Now is a great time to have your vehicle inspected to ensure that it is ready for summer. The heat, dust, and stop and go traffic will take their toll on your vehicle. This can cause issues with your vehicle. You can also bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. This way we can check the parts and components to ensure they are operating correctly and at top performance levels.


Before summer, now is a great time to inspect the air conditioner so it will not fail in hot weather. Newer models have cabin air filters that clean the air entering the heating and air conditioning system. Check your owner’s manual for location and replacement interval. You can also contact us and we can advise you on the schedule to have the air conditioner inspected.


The greatest cause of summer breakdowns is the vehicle overheating. The cooling system should be completely flushed and refilled about once a year. The level, condition, and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically. A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is usually recommended. Make sure to never remove the radiator cap if the engine is hot, as this can cause burns.


Besides checking the air conditioner, you will also want to inspect the windshield wipers. A dirty windshield causes eye fatigue and can also be a safety hazard. If the wipers are not cleaning the windshield, then your visibility will be impaired. Make sure to have the wipers replaced when they are starting to show signs of wear. This will help you to have the best visibility when you drive.