The vehicle is full of moving parts and components. While it always will make a noise when traveling, sometimes it will make a strange noise. This will indicate problems that the vehicle may be starting to have. Odd noises should never be ignored, as they will only become worse. If the vehicle makes any noise like grinding, squealing, or anything odd, contact us for an appointment. We can inspect the vehicle for what the issue is, and have it repaired quickly.

Hearing Grinding Noises

Hearing a grinding noise means that rotating parts and systems have issues. When any part that rotates has an issue, it will cause the grinding noise you hear. The louder and more frequent this becomes, the worse it gets. Two of the most common reasons for grinding noise are worn brake linings or failing wheel bearings. As they start to wear down and fail, these parts will cause the system to be affected and need repairing.

If the brake pads start to wear, they will cause grinding noises when there is friction against the brake rotor. The metal to metal contact happens as the brakes are applied. The grinding will become loud when the brakes are applied, otherwise it may be a dull subtle noise. This can be from either the front brakes or the rear brakes. Contact us and we can schedule an appointment to inspect and replace the brake pads.


Wheel bearings are the buffer between the axle and wheel. They also eliminate friction between these parts. When the wheel bearings have worn out, the grinding noise occurs when the vehicle turns. A sign of a failed wheel bearing will show signs of poor steering and handling. There may also be signs of uneven tire wear when the wheel bearing start to fail. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to contact us.