An alignment is more important that you think. Not only will it help the vehicle to handle better, but you can also improve mileage. This is because the wheels are set at the proper angles. Without it, they will work against one another as you drive. If you are not sure how often to bring the vehicle in, we can advise you on the correct schedule. There are also some things you might notice. These can be signs an alignment is needed in the near future.

Handling changes

If you notice changes in your vehicle’s handling or steering, you may need an alignment. Check to ensure that the tires are properly inflated, and if they are or if inflating them properly doesn’t fix the problem, bring it in. If the tires lose air pressure often, make sure to have that fixed.

Any time you have new tires installed, getting an alignment is a good idea. This is particularly important when changing to a different brand or model of tire, and it’s definitely necessary when changing wheel sizes.

When an alignment is needed

If the vehicle is in an accident, even one that doesn’t seem very serious. If you hit an obstacle hard with one or more of the wheels, get the alignment checked. Even a seemingly minor bump like running over a curb can throw it far enough off to need an alignment.

Periodically checking the tires, even if none of the above occurs can produce long-term savings. If it’s been two years or 30,000 miles since the vehicle’s last appointment, it’s probably time to have it checked. Every 15,000 miles is more like it if you drive on rough roads a lot. If you are not sure if your vehicle needs maintenance, contact us. We can inspect the vehicle and advise you on the correct schedule.