A way to help keep the vehicle operating at top performance levels is to make sure it is maintained properly. One part that will need to be inspected regularly is the brake system. Proper brakes can also decrease the chance of an accident, like a collision or rear-ending another vehicle. If anytime between visits you notice something out of the norm, make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you.


The brake system can benefit on your vehicle with a regular maintenance check just like having regular oil changes helps the engine. They can even be done at the same time. Getting the brakes checked every 3,000 miles might be a little much, unless you have a commute where you are heavy on the brakes and stuck in traffic often. Then it might be a good idea to check on the wear and tear of all the parts and make sure they still look good and will keep you safe, even while sitting in a traffic jam.


Having the brakes checked works best when the tires are completely off and the mechanic can actually see, touch and measure the brake pads. It is possible to estimate the brake pads with the tires on, but a more accurate estimate of their life is when the tires are off. Checking the brakes can happen each time the tires get rotated, when you get new tires put on or if there is going to be a tire alignment.


The brake pads should be checked with how much thickness is left on each one. Ideally, the brake pads should all be worn evenly, but in reality, this might not always happen. Therefore, all four brake pads should be checked. If one is lower than the others, then they should all be changed at the same time. Besides the brake pads, we will inspect the rotors and the calipers that work the braking system. Even though the brake pads see the most amount of work and get used up, the other parts sometimes need frequent checking too. When the brake pads are replaced, sometimes the rotors will also need replacing. If the brake pads got too low, then it could cause wearing on the other parts behind it. When those parts get bent, they need to be replaced so that they will hold the brake pads correctly and be positioned over the wheels to stop the vehicle correctly every time you apply the brake pedal. If you notice an issue with the brake system, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect the vehicle and brakes as soon as possible for you.