If you notice that an electric component is no longer working, a few things could cause it. It could be a burned out fuse that just needs replacement. Or it could be something different, where more wires are affected than you realize. Inspecting the wires will show what type of problem you might have going on in the vehicle. If you notice the interior lights are dim or the radio clock no longer illuminates, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it. Alert us to what the issue is and we can check the wiring and fuses for you.


Every wire in your vehicle has a specific task for operation. The cause of your missing lights on the dash might be because of something besides a blown fuse. You could have wires shorting out, they could have the plastic casing worn off and they are touching something they should not be or you could even have the wires chewed off. This could be caused by mice and other various critters like to get inside the warm cars sitting in garages and chew away at things they are not supposed to. We will be able to get behind the dash and look for where the problem has begun. If it is a blown fuse, then the fuse is simply replaced. When the wires are chewed apart or else missing their plastic, sometimes those wires can be replaced and repaired. We might be able to spot other problems that you did not even realize were happening as you drove the vehicle down the road.


Inspecting the wires before there is a problem is the best bet to prevent problems. We will inspect the wires and make the diagnosis if it is something that can be fixed. Most likely it will be something that is fixable. The wires might need to be recovered, they might need to be hooked in to place again or else they have to be meshed together with another wire to make it longer so it reaches where it is supposed to.


With older vehicles, you never know when something might go on it. That is why routine inspections are important. The inspection could catch a problem before it becomes a larger issue. We can get in with the wires and notice the casing is beginning to wear and replace it before it completely comes off. We can attach the wires in places when they start to slip away from where they are supposed to be. This can even help get the wires back so they are placed securely. By having regular maintenance done, you can help keep your vehicle lasting as long as it was designed for. Make sure to bring your vehicle in anytime you notice something out of the norm with it. By doing so, you can help to save time, money, and stress in the long run.