Any issues that you notice with the windshield wipers should always be looked at as soon as possible. Even if it may seem like a minor issue, it will become worse in the long run and need to be checked. Remember that the windshield wipers should be changed twice a year. This is typically after winter and after summer. During the winter, ice and snow can cause them to wear down. In the summer, the sun and the heat can lead to the rubber to deteriorate over time. If you are not sure the condition of the wipers, make sure to contact us for an appointment, and we can inspect them.

Issues to Notice

There will be several signs to be aware of when the wipers are in need of being replaced. The first thing to notice is if they are properly clearing the windshield of the car. If there are any smear marks or streaks left behind, then the wipers will need to be replaced. Make sure that they fit against the windshield properly. The wiper arms or the blades themselves may be damaged if they are not operating correctly.


Notice if there is any vibration or chattering noise that happens when they operate. This will mean the wiper blade has worn and is no longer in ideal condition. Check the rubber part of the blade to make sure there are no tears or divots on it. If there are, it is always best to replace the wipers. Also be aware of any screeching noise. This could mean the rubber has worn down and the metal part is scraping against the windshield. If this happens, then the windshield could become scratched or damaged from the wipers operating. To find the right size wipers, check the owners manual for your vehicle. We can also advise you on the type of wipers that are needed and best for your vehicle.