To help keep your vehicle in the best condition possible when you drive, it is important to go to regular maintenance inspections. If you are not sure how often to bring your vehicle in, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on a schedule.


You will want to inspect the tires. This should include the tread and air pressure. The tire tread helps your car grip the road. Having low tire tread is especially dangerous when driving in wet or flood-like conditions. You can check the tread easily by using just a penny. Place the penny upside down in the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tires should be replaced. The tire pressure should also be inspected. If it is too low or too high can affect gas mileage, tread wear, and vehicle performance. Check your tires once a month when they are still cold, using the PSI (pounds per square inch) number located on the driver door or in the owner’s manual.


It is also beneficial to check the fluids and oil level in the vehicle. Check your car’s fluids once a month or take a peek when you fill the gas tank. Top off fluids, such as your oil and coolant. If you notice a fluid is always running low, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect it for the source of the leak.


Also remember to have the brakes inspected regularly. The brakes are very important for safety, make sure they are ready in any condition. If you notice any issues with the brakes when you apply the pedal, make sure to contact us.