Storing your classic car properly is important to keep it in the most efficient operating condition possible. As you get ready to store the vehicle for winter, remember to change the oil and oil filter. If you do this before you store it away, you can help prevent corrosion from happening over the winter. You will also want to remember to fill up the fuel tank of your classic car as well. This will help prevent air from getting into the tank. You can also improve the condition of it by adding in fuel stabilizer at the proper amount.

Classic Car Storage

You can also raise the car up on jack stands. This will prevent flat spots from occurring on the tires of your vehicle. All tires can flat spot as they are in storage. You can also slide a piece of plywood under the stand as well. This prevents it from sinking into the asphalt or leaving rust stains on the garage floor. Since all tires can get a flat spot after sitting awhile, you will notice that they typically go away after a few miles. If the flat spot is still there, then make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect the tires for it.

Keeping out insects and vermin is also important. You can help prevent this from happening by taking a few steps. You can put a steel wool pad in a sandwich bag, and place it in the tailpipe or pipes. This can prevent things living in the tailpipes over the cold winter months. Rodents will want to make a home in the air filter box or exhaust system as well. You can close the fresh air inlet so that nothing can get into your vehicle. The last thing you will want is your classic car destroyed by mice and rats when it is stored.