tire-repair-5Keeping the tires in proper condition is important for the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Part of this includes have the tires balanced, rotated, and aligned. A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are parallel to each other. Wheel alignments also ensure that the wheels are perpendicular to the ground, allowing for your vehicle to drive straight while going down the road. This is why wheel alignments are important to the performance of your vehicle. Properly adjusting your vehicle’s alignment can maximize the life of your tires, keeping yourself and others safe on the road.

The Importance of Wheel Alignments

It only takes a small hit against a parking bumper to create glitches with your vehicle’s alignment. This is why having a proper wheel alignment is important. Proper wheel alignments can improve fuel mileage, by decreasing the resistance between parts while rubbing against each other. Wheel alignments also improve the handling of your vehicle. Having a correct wheel alignment provides you with a smooth ride down the road. Poor wheel alignment can also put a heavy strain on your car. Having a car with bad wheel alignment can lead to other problems because it places a lot of pressure on your suspension. It also causes resistance on your brake shaft causing breakage. You should check out any premature signs of poor wheel alignment and make sure they are taken care of quickly.

Signs that an Alignment is Needed

By looking at your wheels you can typically indicate if they are out of alignment. The more tires are driven, the more they will get worn down and can lose their shape. This is why if you notice vibrations or shaking in your steering wheel, it could indicate improper wheel alignment. Another indicator is if you are driving straight, but your steering wheel is not centered with your steering consul. If you notice this, you should consider making an appointment with us. One of the most common signs of poor wheel alignment is if your vehicle drifting to one side of the road or the other. You should check with our mechanics on a regular basis to make sure a wheel alignment service is scheduled. Wheels getting out of alignment can happen more easily than one might think. A bump into the curb is enough to throw the suspension off and cause issues.

Knowing about Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments involve three basic elements. First being the camber. The camber is the angle at which your wheels are tilted. Tilting in or out too much can cause the wheel’s tread to wear on that particular side, causing your vehicle to pull to either side of the road. The caster of the vehicle is the angle of the steering pivot that is attached to your vehicle’s suspension system. Lastly, the toe measures the distance at which the wheels pivot from side to side. If one of these three components is offset, it can cause extreme uneven wheel wear. A proper wheel alignment will prolong the life of your tires and make for better handling and easier steering. It can also improve the safety of your vehicle.