One of the easiest ways to notice if there is an issue with the battery is if the warning light illuminates on the dashboard of the vehicle. If the battery light turns on, there is more than likely an issue. Check the voltage meter dial that is located on the dashboard. Typically, the dial should be around fourteen volts. If it is different from this, it could indicate that your battery is going out. It is then recommended to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect the battery for you. If the battery light starts to blink, make sure to pull the vehicle over as soon as it is safe to do so. A blinking warning light will indicate a more serious problem.



By listening to the vehicle when you start it, you can help to notice any issues it might have. If the noises become louder, more frequent, or worse with time, make an appointment. We can check the battery of the vehicle to see what might be causing the issue. Hearing a couple of ticks could mean that the battery is going bad. If the vehicle is not starting and you hear nothing, then the battery has gone dead. Replacing the battery is cost efficient and can help to prevent stress because of an unexpected breakdown that might happen.




The best way to notice an issue with the battery is to visually inspect it. There could be signs of corrosion or a build up of debris. This can cause a large problem with time. By looking at the battery you may also notice poor connections in the wires. There might also be splitting in the wires. If you notice any damage with the battery, it is always recommended to have it replaced. This can help to increase the safety and reliability of your vehicle.