Fall is a good time to inspect your vehicle over. While it is important to go to scheduled maintenances, you also stay alert to any noises, sounds, or any other oddities your vehicle may make. This way, you may be able to help prevent a large issue and cost, by catching it when it is a minor issue.




The windshield wiper blades for your vehicle should be changed regularly. This is often overlooked and some people go several years without changing the blades. This is an important part of your vehicle because wipers are used more often in the fall and winter. As the seasons change, it is best to have a fresh set of wiper blades for your vehicle. If you ever notice that your wiper blades are not cleaning the window properly, make sure to have them replaced as soon as possible. Having a clean window can provide you with a clear view of the road.




It is always important to have the spare tire for your vehicle inspected on a regular basis. This way the tire will be in good condition when you might need to use it. Also make sure to check the pressure on the spare tire. You will want to make sure it is properly inflated. The tire should also be free from any cracks or slits that might damage the wall of the tire. If you have a pickup or SUV, the spare tire may be suspended below the vehicle or on the back. Check to make sure that the mechanism is working properly and has not seized up.




As the air filter becomes dirty, it can cause restricted airflow through the vehicle. The reduced pressure causes deterioration in fuel economy, emissions, and overall performance. By having the air filter replaced, it can help provide you and your passengers with good air comfort. If you are unsure when the air filter should be replaced, bring it in and we can inspect it for you.




Most electrical problems and issues with the ignition are the result of corroded or loose battery connections. If there is corrosion on the battery’s terminals, this may affect the charge and effectiveness of the battery. Keeping the battery clear of any dirt and debris can also be helpful. While inspecting your vehicle, make sure to check the lights so they are working properly. The taillights and headlights are important to the safety of those in your vehicle.