To help have a safe and enjoyable ride, make sure the tires are inspected on a regular basis. The tires are important for how your vehicle functions and how it drives. Thus, it is important to choose the right tires for your driving habits, for the driving conditions you drive in, and for the vehicle that you own. If you are unsure what tires are the best for your vehicle, make sure to contact us. We can advise and recommend what tires are the best for your vehicle.

Knowing when the Tires should be Replaced

The tires should periodically be checked for wear. Traditionally, the penny method has been used where when a penny is inserted into the tread. If Lincoln’s head is visible, tires should be replaced. Additionally, tires can be changed based upon mileage. However, this method can be inaccurate because there are many factors that influence tire wear including initial tire quality, driving habits, and weather. If you start to notice the tires wearing, make sure to bring the vehicle in. We can inspect the overall condition of them. We can also see if an alignment or rotation would be beneficial for the tires. This can help them last as long as possible.

The Tires should be Correct

All four of your tires should be as identical as possible or it may be harder to handle. If your tires are not identical, it is possible that one end of your vehicle will not respond as completely or as fast as the other end of your car. If you start to notice that some of the tires on your car are wearing at a faster rate than the other tires, it is a good idea to find out why. Many things including incorrect wheel alignment, lack of tire rotation, and loose mechanical parts can cause uneven tire wear. If there is metal showing on the inner or outer wall of your tires, you should not drive on them. Bring the vehicle in and we can advise you on the options you have so the tires are working as efficiently as possible.

Bring the Vehicle in for a Recommendation

Tire load is something important to observe because if the tire is overloaded, it will not have the same capacity to respond in an emergency situation. The tire diameter is another consideration when selecting tires and this factor is amplified by newer cars dependence on computerization. One of the main things your tire diameter tells your cars computer is your cars speed. If the diameter is off, this data may be off too. If you are not sure what the proper size or type of tire that is needed, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. Having the tires in top condition can help how the vehicle operates. Good tires can also help improve the fuel mileage when you drive. Inspecting the tires on a regular basis can help provide a pleasant and enjoyable ride.