When you tow a boat, there are several things that should be inspected. The first thing is to inspect your vehicle doing the towing. You will want to make sure it is in ideal condition to do so. If there is anything wrong with the vehicle, it will need to be repaired before you tow. You will want to check the fluid levels, tires, brakes, and lights to know they work correctly. To help ensure the vehicle is in the best condition, bring it in so we can do a bumper to bumper inspection of it for you.

To Tow your Boat, have the Vehicle Checked

You will also want to know how much your vehicle can tow. The vehicle will have to have the power to tow the weight of the boat and trailer. The owner’s manual of the vehicle can have the number of pounds that you can safely tow listed. This is for the vehicle’s towing capacity. You will also want to add the weight of the trailer plus the boat, and also anything you put into the boat. This should compare to the vehicle’s towing capacity. If the number is less, then your vehicle will be able to tow it. You can also contact us and we can assist to make sure the vehicle can tow what you need.

Check Fluid Levels

The fluid levels should also be inspected on your vehicle. This should include the oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid. If a fluid is constantly getting low, there could be a leak in the system. The hoses and other parts should be inspected to help ensure everything is in proper condition. It is also recommended to bring extra wiper fluid with you. This way incase you run out, you can quickly refill it. Checking the windshield wipers will also be beneficial, since they will remove any debris or road grime that gets on the windshield of your vehicle when you drive.