Noises coming from your vehicle can be a sign of an issue or something more serious with it. When this happens, you will want to make sure you bring the vehicle in so we can properly inspect it. Usually a bumper to bumper inspection will help to identify any or all issues that the vehicle might have. When a noise occurs, this will indicate that there is something more serious with the vehicle that requires attention. You will want to make sure that you contact us, and tell us what it was doing when it made the noise. Applying the brakes, turning, or even accelerating are all things that can result in odd noises.


A thud or clunk noise can mean several things. The joints under the vehicle could be wearing. They could also be loose, resulting in a clunk noise. If a part of the vehicle is loose and not secure, it will also make a type of noise. Sometimes this can be a thud, or it could be a squeal noise. You will want to make sure everything is tight and secure in the vehicle. Check under the hood to make sure the battery is secure, as well as other parts under there as well. The belts and hoses should also be in the correct place, and working properly.

Brake Noises

The brakes can also make noise when you apply them. A screeching or squealing noise will indicate a brake issue, especially when you apply the brakes. Sometimes a screeching noise will happen when the brakes are wet. As you drive, they should dry out. If the noise continues, you will want to make sure that you bring the vehicle in so we can give it a proper inspection for you. The noise may also mean that the brakes are wearing against one another. As the brake pads wear down, the rotors are more exposed. This then creates the metal on metal friction. If you notice the noise, schedule a visit with us so we can inspect the vehicle for you.