When you drive in the winter, you will want your vehicle to be reliable when you need it to be. You depend on your car to be able to start and provide safe travels for you when drive. Having the vehicle properly maintained will allow us to check all the parts and components of it. This can also include the starter, and alternator. In the winter, the cold temperature can lead to a drained one at a quicker interval. Also, you will not want to be stranded somewhere when it is below freezing because your car does not start. If you start to notice any signs of a starting issue, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you.

Starting the Vehicle

When you start your vehicle, the battery, starter, and alternator all have to work together to supply power to your vehicle. When the vehicle becomes more difficult to start, you may notice some signs. The first is it is very obviously the vehicle turns over at a slower rate. Sometimes the vehicle may start, but then die immediately. You may find that you need to rev the engine a little to keep the vehicle running after it immediately turns on.

Jump start

If you have to jump start your vehicle, a poor battery can cause it. Remember that a longer trip is better than short frequent stops where you turn the vehicle off. As the vehicle runs, it also helps to charge up the battery. The battery will need to be replaced every few years. If you are not sure of the age of the battery, bring the vehicle in. We can test the battery and advise you on the options you have. We can also recommend if a new battery is needed.