oil changes

Oil changes are an important for car maintenance. Without oil changes, your vehicle will breakdown quicker. This can lead to costly and expensive repairs. The oil does many things to benefit your vehicle. The lubrication is important to prevent friction, especially since our engines are designed with elements rubbing against each other to create energy. Since the engine demands so much use from the oil, it needs changing. Eventually the chemical construction of the motor oil breaks down and can no longer provide lubrication. Without the lubrication, engine parts are rubbing directly against each other, the results of which can cause severe damage and, ultimately, stop working altogether. The old oil needs to be drained. Then fresh oil needs to be added to ensure proper lubrication.

Synthetic motor oil will most likely be double the price, but that’s because it’s a higher performing oil. You can refer to your owner’s manual or ask us which type is right for your car. As long as you are keeping up on your oil changes, conventional oil is fine. You will be saving your engine from enormously costly repair down the line.

Benefits of oil changes

Another oil change bonus is that it will save you money. With an oil change and better oil, your vehicle will get better mileage. New oil is slick and will easily allow the movement of engine parts. Older oil gets gummy, causing the engine to work harder to perform. And when the engine works harder, it must burn more fuel. When the oil is changed, we will also check the oil filter. By doing this, we can ensure it will be efficient.

Knowing what oil to use

You should schedule oil changes, based on the oil you use. Synthetic oil has a longer lifespan than conventional oil. It is chemically engineered to not gum up as quickly, especially in extreme temperatures. This allows for more time between oil changes. Also, if you spend a lot of time in heavy stop-and-go city traffic, you are causing more of a strain on your engine and may need an oil change sooner. If you ever have any questions, make sure to contact us. This can help you to have a safe and reliable ride.