The cell phone used to be a common distraction to those driving. Now with the new laws in place, you will need to keep off of the cell phone. There are some situations where a cell can still be used however. If your phone is connected with a Bluetooth device, you can still use it. You will want to make sure that the phone can be turned on or answered with just one tap to the phone.  Anything more than this can result in a costly ticket for you, or even an accident. You can also get a hands free device so you can still talk on the phone, but while also keeping your hands on the wheel.

Phone laws

It is also still illegal to text on your cell, or go online. This can include posting pictures to social media, looking up something on google, or using snapchat. When you do this, you are distracted because you are taking your eyes off of the road when driving. If someone slams on the brakes, you have an increased chance of having an accident by running into them. So if you must talk on your cell or text, wait until you can safely pull over to do so. That way you are not risking the lives of yourself, your passengers, or any other driver around you.

Don’t forget about your car

As always, make sure to bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. When you do this, we can do a safety check and give the vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection. Any parts or components that are no longer working properly can be quickly repaired and replaced. This not only can improve you safety, but also the longevity of your vehicle. If you are not sure how often the vehicle should be inspected, make sure to contact us.