As most of you may know, driving into potholes can damage your vehicle significantly. Sometimes however, spotting this damage can be quite challenging as it may not be visible. Once you drive into a pothole, consider inspecting it as soon as you get home to make sure your car is free from wear and tear. If you have a hard time spotting this problem, it would be best to book an appointment with a reputable auto repair company to identify the damage in your car.

How to Tell if Your Car Has Pothole Damage

Mentioned below are a few telltale signs that can help you spot pothole damage in your vehicle

Vibrations When Steering Your Vehicle

If you notice your steering wheel vibrating excessively while driving, there is a good chance that your wheels are damaged and out of balance. Once again, you may need to book an appointment with a professional auto repair service before the problem gets worse.

The Tires are too Low

Are your tires getting too low? If yes, it could be a sign that they are about to burst or already popped. Not fixing this issue could lead to several other issues and even make your car irreparable.

The Car is Pulling Right or Left after Hitting a Pothole

Your vehicle should not be pulling right or left when you are driving straight. If you notice your car going right or left when driving, there is a good chance that its suspension and tires have been damaged by hitting too many potholes.

Strange Sounds

You may notice strange noises coming out of your car even if it did not hit a pothole. Things like these are a massive red flag, and it is important to inspect your car right away to steer clear from long term damage.

Dashboard Turns On

If your car’s dashboard light turns on randomly, chances are that it has pothole damage. Problems like these are especially common when the potholes you drive into are quite large.

Bulge in the Sidewall

Bulges in the side walls of your tire are never a good thing. Driving into too many potholes is the number one reason behind these bulges. Fortunately, spotting this problem is quite easy and takes a matter of minutes. While avoiding every pothole you come across is next to impossible, it’s important to be wary of them while driving and slow down if you cannot avoid them. If you think there is something wrong with your car but are unable to spot the issue, enlist a professional auto repair service to take a closer look at the problem.