As spring arrives, now comes the chance for more potholes to appear. Sometimes you will be unable to avoid the pothole because of location or traffic around you. If you have to hit it, make sure to slow down. Hitting a pothole at a higher speed will only do more damage to the vehicle. It can also cause the vehicle to jerk or pull in one direction. This can make for difficult handling. It may even result in an accident if the vehicle jolts to the side and into another lane. By slowing down, you can help to remain in control of the vehicle. Also make sure to approach water puddles carefully. These could hide a large or small pothole. This is because the water will distort how deep the puddle or pothole might be.



Hitting a pothole can do some serious damage to the tires. The faster you hit a pothole, the more extensive of damage that might occur. Depending on the pothole, it could result in the tire blowing out. It may also cause a gap or puncture in the tire. If you find yourself filling the tire with air frequently, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. We can inspect the tires and recommend a solution. Hitting small potholes consistently could also result in poor wear of the tires. It can have uneven wear with the tread as well. This can result in the tires needing to be replaced more frequently than they should. By avoiding potholes, you can help to prolong the life of the tires.



If you hit a pothole, it may also lead to improper alignment for your vehicle. Hitting the pothole can throw the alignment off. If you hit potholes on a regular basis, over time the alignment can be off completely. This will make it hard to handle and steer the vehicle. You may notice if the alignment is off based on how you have to place the steering wheel. If it is not centered as you drive in a straight line, make sure to bring the vehicle in.



You can also do damage to other parts of the vehicle by hitting a pothole. The suspension can get worse with time. Other parts of the vehicle could bend or break. It is important for the safety and reliability of the vehicle to avoid potholes. If you run over them on a regular basis, or happen to hit a large pothole, make sure to bring the vehicle in, so we can inspect it for you.