The tires of your vehicle are important. They are the only part that will connect the vehicle you are driving to the surface of the road. If there is an issue with the tires, make sure that you bring the vehicle in for an inspection as soon as you can. We will be happy to look at them, to ensure they are rotating and wearing properly. If there is an issue with one or more of the tires, you will want to have it fixed. Ignoring an issue can result in further damage occurring with the tires in the long run. This could end up leaving you stranded when you least expect it. As always, make sure to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. Doing so can help ensure that everything is working as it should be.

Air Pressure

They will need to be at the proper air pressure amount. This will allow them to rotate and wear as they should be. The tires should be checked regularly and before any long trip or vacation you decide to take. If they are low on air, they will have a greater chance of blowing out.  Over inflation means an increase of picking up sharp objects in the road. If this happens the air can leak out of the tire slowly, or it could cause the tire to blow as well. Either way, having the ideal air pressure is important. The correct air pressure amount can be found in the owner’s manual for the vehicle. We can also recommend what the proper air pressure should be.

Tread wear for Tires

You will also want to check the tread of each tire. If the tread wears unevenly, they may benefit from an alignment or rotation. When the tires are aligned, it helps to ensure that they can rotate and wear evenly. You can test the tread of each tire by putting a penny upside down in the groove. Seeing the top of Lincoln’s head can indicate that the thread has worn too low. You can do this in several areas of the tire to check the tread.