windshield wipers, Carlson Auto Service



Remember to inspect the vehicle on a regular basis. Also remember to check the windshield wipers on a regular basis. The rubber wears quickly causing the blade to not properly clear the windshield. Any sign of streaking, chattering, or smearing against the windshield can indicate that the wipers are wearing out.

One cause of quick wear on windshield wipers is when they are used to remove hard snow. You may not have time to clear the windshield properly, so you just use the wipers. This may clear your windshield for you, but it is hard on your wiper blades. The blades are just rubber and using them to scrape the hard snow off the windshield can cause them to become deformed.

Another cause of quick wear would be trying to use your wiper blades to scrape the ice off the windshield. It can be especially damaging if you just squirt a little windshield washer fluid on the windshield to get the ice wet, and then use the wiper blades to scrape it off. This little trick seems to work pretty good, and quickly too. The problem with this is it will also cause your wiper blades to become deformed and not work properly. If you ever notice an issue with the windshield wipers or the vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We can inspect the vehicle and wipers for you to ensure they are in proper operating efficiency. This can help you to have a safer driving experience because you will be able to see the road ahead of you when you drive.