You rely a lot on the vehicle you drive. You will want it to get you to and from the destination safely and without any issues. Make sure to follow the vehicle owner’s manual to ensure that all maintenance tasks are completed. If you are not sure what tasks should be done, or when they should be done, contact us. We will advise you on the options and help set up a maintenance schedule and reminder. This will help make sure that all the parts and components are working efficiently for when you drive.

Check the Tires

In the winter, your vehicle goes through a lot of wear and tear. You will want to check the tires regularly. The most important thing to check is the air pressure. This can decrease more often during the colder temperatures. If the tire becomes low, the valve stem may actually have an issue. Sometimes aluminum rims can also cause the tires to lose air. The best way to figure out the source of the issue is to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect the tire or tires in question. Always remember to check the spare tire of the vehicle as well.

Warm the Car Up

With the cold temperatures, it is beneficial if you start your vehicle before driving. This will help warm up the vehicle, engine, and interior of the vehicle. Starting a car and immediately driving can cause damage. If you hit a bump or an object, and the vehicle has not had the chance to warm up, you may end up doing damage to something. Warming up the vehicle before you drive will also help warm up the windows and windshield as well. This will then help make it easier to scrape ice, snow, or frost from it. Another benefit is the interior will be warm when you get ready to drive.