Are you looking forward to getting your RV out for spring? Like you, there are thousands, if not millions of people who stored their recreational vehicle inside storage during winters and for good reason. Cold winds, snowfall, hail etc. can cause a great deal of damage to RVs or any other type of vehicle for that matter.

That being said, keeping your RV in storage for months or even weeks can cause some issues because of the inactivity. Therefore, it would be best to inspect your motorhome thoroughly to make sure it is in excellent running condition. With spring season drawing closer and closer, now is the time to check your RV before you take it out for a spin.

Inspecting a recreational vehicle for damage and other issues can be quite challenging, especially for those who don’t have much experience. Whether you have been an owner for years or just bought it recently, consider checking the following things to ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition for spring and summers.

Inspect the Plumbing Thoroughly

Plumbing is arguably the most overlooked component in RVs, when it comes to seasonal inspection and maintenance. Many people ignore plumbing and focus on things like brakes, tires, seals cracks etc. While there is nothing wrong with that, not including plumbing in your maintenance checklist can lead to loads of issues down the line.

Clean water and well-maintained hoses are essential for every RV owner. Consider taking a close look at your RVs sewer lines and water lines making sure they don’t have any leaks, jams and other similar issues. If you think something is obstructing the water flow, it would be best to get a professional to take care of the issue before things get worse.

Examine the Seals and Seams for Cracks

Believe it or not, even the smallest of cracks can cause a great deal of damage to your RV. How? Because, it allows water to pass through, entering your motorhome. What’s worse, not addressing this problem could cause the cracks to become massive, which can sometimes be irreparable. A professional auto repair service can help you steer clear from this issue by inspecting your RVs seams and seals for cracks.

It would also help if you asked the professionals to clean the filters and coils to steer clear from airflow obstruction issues.

Check the RV Tires

Before leaving for your springtime road trip, examine your RVs tires very closely. Inspect each tire’s PSI levels and tread separately to make sure they are according to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. It is important to remember that each tire requires different pressure depending on the motor home’s load weight. An experienced auto repair pro can help you determine the correct PSI for your RVs tires while checking them for wear and tear, ensuring your spring time trips are smooth and trouble free.