When driving, make sure to notice anything that may be out of the norm with the vehicle. If a serious issue occurs, it is recommend to pull over to a safe and convenient spot and turn the vehicle off. This helps to reduce the chance of an accident, while also decreasing the chance of a costly repair bill. If there is an issue with the vehicle and you continue to drive on it, then further damage could be done. One thing to notice is if any dashboard warning lights illuminate. If they start to blink, this can mean something more serious is wrong with the vehicle. If the service engine soon light illuminates, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. This light can turn on for numerous reasons. It is best to have us inspect it so we can pinpoint the exact cause of the issue.

What the Service Engine Soon light could mean

check-engine-light-2Before you can determine what needs done, you must first understand what the service engine soon light means and why it is triggered. The service engine soon light is often confused with the check engine light. The check engine light is a light to alert you to a possible problem with the exhaust and emissions systems. This will let you know when there is an excessive concentration of carbon monoxide being emitted through the exhaust system. The service engine soon light can cover many issues, from minor to major. Once you have determined that it is the service engine light that is illuminated and not the check engine light, you will have to perform an inspection to determine where the problem is located. In some vehicles it simply means that it is time for an oil change. Your car’s computer can keep track of engine rpm, temperature, and miles driven to give an idea on when the oil will need to be changed. The light can also tell you if the fuel to air ratio is not correct.

Bring the Vehicle in if you notice the Service Engine Soon light

One thing you can do as soon as possible is to perform fluid checks. Make sure that you have enough engine oil, windshield wiper fluid, transmission, and brake fluids. Top off any levels that are low and check for any leaks or signs of wear or damage. The severity of the problems found during the inspection would determine the urgency of the repairs that are needed. Any leaks and clogs should be remedied as soon as possible, as these issues can severely affect the safety of the car. A leak in the brake line could cause the brakes to fail, resulting in an accident. If your car has a leak somewhere, you should not drive it until you get it fixed.

Going to Regular Maintenances are important

By going to regular maintenances, the performance of the vehicle can improve. We can inspect it for any sign of an issue. This can help reduce the chance of other parts wearing out sooner than they should. If a part needs to be repaired and is ignored, the other nearby parts will have extra strain and stress on them as well. By bringing the vehicle in, you can get back to having a pleasant driving experience, as well as improving the safety of the vehicle.