There are several systems that make up your vehicle. One of the systems is the electrical system. This is made up of several complex parts. Not only does it help control the electrical components in the vehicle, like the radio and GPS, but it also controls parts that are under the hood. The battery is the center of the electrical system. The battery is the most important part of the electrical system. The electrical system is made up of a web of connected wires, fuses, and relay systems. The wiring carries the current supplied by the car battery and directs it to various components. The alternator is responsible for powering the accessories – radio, lights, horn, etc. the car battery supplies the initial charge that allows the car to be started and then the alternator takes over the job of supplying a constant electrical feed.


There are a few different signs you can use to notice problems with the electrical system. When a light bulb burns out, a fuse blows, or a circuit is defective, the circuit loses its continuity and stops functioning. The battery supplies the current for the electrical circuits. If there is not a sufficient charge, it can be caused by a defective battery, voltage regulator, or alternator. Low voltage can also be caused by poor connections to the battery. Often the electrical problems may be intermittent. This might be caused by loose or corroded connections by the vehicle heating up or cooling down. It may also be the result of vibrations or moisture that are present. Another indication could be if the lights start to dim when they are on.


Checking that the battery has good connections and is free of corrosion is one of the first places you can start. You may be able to isolate the problem by starting your vehicle and listen for a slow start. You can also switch on the windshield wipers, horn, and headlights to indicate where the problem is. It is likely that a wire is faulty and not providing full power.


There are signs you may notice that can help determine if there is an issue with the electrical system. Since the electrical system is so complex, there are many parts within the system that you can check. One of the more common problems is a blown fuse, burnt fuse, or open circuit breaker. Any electrical component that is not working correctly is likely to be caused by an open circuit, which can result from a broken wire or disconnections. Make sure to bring the vehicle in if you start to notice an issue. That way we can inspect and repair it, and get you back to a reliable vehicle when you drive.