Winter weather means that you should slow down and take your time when you are driving. The weather can cause the roads to become slick or slippery. Even a little bit of snow can build up and cause slick conditions. You will want to make sure to give snow plows and road crews plenty of space when they are out. Also remember that the most important thing you can do is to drive a speed you are comfortable at. Driving too fast on poor roads increases the chance of you having an accident or going in the ditch. It is better to stay safe, take your time, and keep your vehicle under control.

Leave Space

Remember to allow plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. While this should normally be three seconds, in the winter is should be six or nine seconds. This helps to allow you enough space and time incase that vehicle slams on its brakes. Following too close can result in an accident. Even going a slow speed, you can get into an accident if you are following too close. If a vehicle passes you and there are white out conditions, slow down. Try to look at the shoulder lines on the road so you know where you are at. Do not slam on the brakes because the vehicle behind you may crash into you.


Allow Time

You will also want to allow enough time to properly scrape all the windows of your vehicle. Remove any and all loose snow or ice on your vehicle as well. If you do not, this can blow off and hit another car. That can cause damage to the vehicle, or even an accident. Snow from the hood could also blow up and impair your visibility as well when you are driving.