tipsThese tips can help keep your vehicle cool and comfortable this summer. Car owners will adhere to special arrangements for their cars in the wintertime. However, many fail to realize the threats of the summertime. The summers can make car maintenance and preparation quite difficult. The scorching sunlight and extreme hot temperatures can just as devastatingly damage your car, as the extreme cold temperatures will.

Tips to avoid Moisture

Car owners rarely divert their attention to the rising moisture levels during the summer season. Moisture will often enter inside the car and cause all sorts of damage. Hence, avoiding the possibilities of moisture damage to the car’s interior is a huge mistake.

Moisture can cause the floors of your car to dampen. The floors usually consist of carpets that are likely to absorb all the moisture. When the mat and floors become wet, your car becomes susceptible to microbial invasions. Therefore, make sure that you dry out all the damp areas before you get inside the car.

Turn the Steering Wheel Before You Park the Car

Drivers are very familiar with burning their hand on a hot steering wheel after getting inside a sunbathing car. An easy hack to avoid this problem is to turn the steering wheel 180 degrees after you park. This way, you can expose the sun to the side of the steering wheel that you do not touch when driving the car.

Cover the Gear Lever

Since you cannot turn the gear lever to the shady side, you will have to resort to other measures. Fortunately, you can simply cover it using any insulating material. There is always a cloth lying around in the car for that purpose. If not, then a paper cup will do just as fine in as a cover.

Prolonged parking under the sun will not only increase temperatures to harmful levels, but it will also cause your car to exhibit a pungent smell. To counter this issue, you can use dryer sheets and stick them inside the air conditioning vents. Keeping a couple of those in your glove box can thus, make it rid you car from the irritable and distinct summer smell.

Rev up the Engine before Putting it into Gear

To many this can seem absurd, but similar to winters, you will benefit from warming up the engine on a hot summers day before you can drive off. Even though the external environment is incredibly hot, the engine may still not be warm enough to operate. If you immediately drive, the car after starting it, the oil does is unlikely to reach all parts of the engine. Hence, rev up the engine for about a couple of seconds before you can drive off.

These simple hacks can save your car from the usual summer damage, and allow you a comfortable driving experience even in the summers. Furthermore, these tips only require you to adopt simple driving and parking habits. In other words, they are small actionable efforts for lasting summer prevention of your car.