When you are towing a boat or trailer, there are some tips to follow. You will want to make sure that your vehicle has been inspected. This is important because it should be capable of hauling the boat or trailer. Otherwise you will have issues that will develop. If you are not sure what should be inspected, contact us. We can advise you on the schedule for proper maintenance. We can also make sure your vehicle can handle the towing.

Check the Mirrors

Adjust your side view mirrors to have a clear view that extends to the end of the trailer before driving. Before taking off, make sure your side view mirrors are adjusted to create a clear view that extends to the end of the trailer. Consider installing mirrors specifically designed for towing that extend in order to expand the mirror’s field of vision.

Adjust your Speed and Distance

Leave at least four seconds between your towing vehicle and the vehicle in front of you when road conditions are good. Remember that stopping times are increased when you are towing. Make sure that you adjust your driving so you stay safe. Remember it will take longer to stop, so leave enough distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Check Your Brakes

Check the specific trailer brake requirements for any state where you plan to tow a trailer. Some require trailer brakes to be used on trailers weighing more than a certain weight. Confirm that the emergency breakaway cable is properly attached to your tow vehicle. This should be if your trailer has hydraulic surge brakes or electric brakes. If you notice an issue with your brakes, schedule an appointment. We can check the brakes and brake system for you. This will help improve the safety when you drive.